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The First Day

All together and the Cup begins

rain 58 °F
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Nice continental breakfast and then off to downtown.. Our pub is at the end of the green District line, so it is a bit of a haul into central london (about 30-40 minutes). And the 56 stair steps between our room and the ground proved to be ominous of the day ahead...


This day is more of what one expects from London - cool/cold with light rain. The Tower of London (really 20 towers by the way) is packed even in the rain. I am beginning to think we pick the height of the tourism season here. Luckily we beat the crowd to the Crown Jewels and the White Tower (200+ steps) wasn't too crowded either.


Cell phone coverage wasn't great here, but we found a place rating 4.7 for lunch, not knowing the cuisine even, but headed out into the rain... Blacklock City. It was a very fine chophouse, but had some reasonable options with fabulous service. They were very accommodating to us wet Americans that wandered in off the streets (the waiter gave us a fabulous cheesecake pudding on the house) and showed us the smallest monument in London outside of their establishment...


St Paul's is where we meet with the physical challenge of the day - 528 steps to the top of the dome - only some of the group took up (and finished) the challenge. The church itself is rich with wonderful windows, wood carved "throne" benches, and a huge crypt.


After a failed attempt to visit the Kew Gardens (we had an incorrect closing time) - lots of things here "soft close" about an hour before the "closing time" so the workers can actually leave close to closing - we headed back to our Pub.

We finished off the evening watching the opening game of the tournament at our pub... Oops, I need to get the bracket published (sorry, that will be late as well)...

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Pubs of London

Lots of variations on a good theme

sunny 65 °F
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It'll be a "short" day - well, a short window of time to do things today. Jet lagged from the previous night or the current day, we are all in a london fog... We finally all get together at The North Star, a nice pub between the train station and the hotel.


Kate, Rishaun and Gwen head out to Harry Potter (Warner Bros Studios) for an fabulous tour...


Dean to the hotel for a nap.

And Phil and I to London for some site seeing... If you wanted more about HP, sorry, wrong blog author... We headed to Trafalgar Square to get a lay of the land and "save" some of the main sites for the group. We are striken by the size of the square as well as the flood of people there.


From there it was an easy stroll to Big Ben (unfortunately under restoration). We walked around the Houses of Parliament which was quite impressive despite all of the construction.


Overcome by thrist, we stopped for a couple of pints, then strolled to the other side of the Thames, and wandered into another pub, the Leake Street Arches (graffiti tunnel) and finally found the Waterloo station for the return trip home to catch the England-Netherlands game at our pub (we are staying above it).

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So begins a new chapter

Change of pace...

After missing the last (men's) World Cup for a multitude of reasons, including the USA (men) team not going... We decided we just could not wait 8+ years between watching World Cup games (live). We did watch the (men's) WC in 2018 of course - but did so like normal people... on TV (so we didn't blog about that :) )
But the Women's WC gave us a chance to get back in the groove of watching live international matches... and the USA Women's team is good, so we actually have a chance as well! (albeit, I always think the men have a "chance") - but definitely different when your team is going into the Cup as the favorite!
I am assuming you know by now, this unfortunately means we have to travel to France for the games, such a pity. But we all have our crosses to bear...
As with every WC, we have a "plan" in place - this cup, it is to follow the USA team and go to their games. This means our cities and path is mostly dictated by the playing schedule. But we are also trying to incorporate more site seeing as well... So we decide we will only go to the USA games as far as that takes us...

BTW: The "us" is a group of 10 - but with different segments of the trip... Phil, Kate, Gwen, Rishaun, Dean, Sally, Ivan, Dean, Jerry and myself.

So the adventure begins in London, England... at least for 6 of us (first post will cover June 6th there)... see you then...

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